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Specialising in termite treatments in Sydney, Australia. We also control all spiders, cockroaches, and fast, economic thermal termite inspections.

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A1 Pest Control services the Sydney Metro area. A1 Pest Control specializes is termite inspections and treatments. A1 also do general pest treatments and will work with the customer to provide the best outcome to any situation.

Termite Protection Sydney

When considering termite protection for your home you’ll want these 3 questions answered:

No 1. Is it safe?

No 2. Is it effective?

No 3. Is it cost effective?

A1 Pest Control can provide answers to all three questions in the affirmative.

Additionally, how do you know your building isn’t already infested? -We have the latest, most accurate methods of termite detection:

Thermal Imaging Termite Inspections

Termatrac-Thermal-ImagingThe very best termite protection that we recommend is high risk situations is a Termidor low toxic termite barrier. It is safe when used according to label directions, it is extremely effective against termites attack and it costs a lot less than all the physical methods of termite protection.

We now offer Termite Reticulation or more correctly, Termite Replenishment with the TermX system for new buildings under construction or for post construction for homes with active termites, or protecting existing homes from future attack.

For non-toxic physical Termite Protection we recommend Granitgard. For low toxic termite protection, we recommend Termidor.


TERMIDOR formulated to produce a continuous chemical soil area around & underneath your home. Some of the older style termiticides are repellent & try to keep termites from treated structures by killing them when the pass through the soil. While it is are toxic to termites, very few termites are actually wiped out. Consequently, termites remain alive and will attempt to find gaps in the “barrier” to access your home. They will even build bridge over their dead mates until they discover a way through.

TERMIDOR is totally non-repellent to termites. Which means that they just can’t identify the danger and won’t steer clear of the treated area. Consequently, termites still forage within the soil until they meet up with TERMIDOR and get a lethal dose.

After treatment, the termites carry the binded material on their own bodies and finally to the nest (anywhere that might be) through the unique Transfer EffectTM. Australian research proves this method requires less than two to four days for total termite elimination. This really is considerably faster than costly baiting systems and you’ll not want numerous visits in the Pest Management Operator to be successful.

So we don’t recommend stand alone baiting systems alone, but they can provide a “frontline” protection to your home in areas away from it.

Pest control companies and Sydney termite control firms are gaining excellent termite protection since TERMIDOR was introduced. If you need more information or would like to make a booking for termite treatment email [email protected] or call me directly on 0417 251 911.

Phone: 0417 251 911
Email: [email protected]